BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cachewipGravatar Vitaly Takmazov6 months
commands_over_apiCommandsManager: post pms using APIGravatar Vitaly Takmazov19 months
jpaJPA WIPGravatar Vitaly Takmazov22 months
juick-commandsFixed configurations.Gravatar Anatoliy Sablin3 years
killy-responsivewww: responsive layoutGravatar Killy3 years
killy-responsive-2www: responsive layout (2)Gravatar Killy2 years
lucenelucene wipGravatar Vitaly Takmazov19 months
masterUpdate depsGravatar Vitaly Takmazov8 days
oauth2oauth WIPGravatar Vitaly Takmazov5 months
postgrepostgre WIPGravatar Vitaly Takmazov14 months
sans_branchcommented out extra not implemented navigationGravatar Sanny Sanoff4 years
warbootWarGravatar Vitaly Takmazov18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysUpdate depsHEADmasterGravatar Vitaly Takmazov
11 daysFix build with new http-signatures-java libraryGravatar Vitaly Takmazov
11 daysFix h2 configurationGravatar Vitaly Takmazov
11 daysUpdate depsGravatar Vitaly Takmazov
11 daysShow correct signup errorsGravatar Vitaly Takmazov
14 daysFix startup exceptionGravatar Vitaly Takmazov
14 daysSpring Boot 2.3 and other dependency updatesGravatar Vitaly Takmazov
14 daysadd image MIME type filter into post formGravatar glupovat
14 daysfix image size limit messageGravatar glupovat
2020-05-08Gradle: use new syntax for some pluginsGravatar Vitaly Takmazov